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    ashley benson

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  2. Shay Mitchell Fun Facts

    Name: Shay Mitchell

    Hometown: Toronto and Vancouver

    Sign: Aries

    High School: Rockridge Secondary School and later West Vancouver Secondary School, West Vancouver, B.C, Canada

    First Role: Playing a model on “Degrassi”. In a scene with Nina Dobrev

    Current Role: Emily Fields on “Pretty Little Liars”

    Hair color: Brown

    Favorite Three TV Shows: Entourage, Californication, and Oprah

    Favorite Three Movies: Vicki Christina Barcelona, Under the Tuscan Sun, Little Mermaid

    Favorite Music: I like all genres of music mostly R&B, hip-hop, and live jazz

    Favorite Books: Eat, Pray,Love, The Alchemist, The Kite Runner and PRETTY LITTLE LIARS!!!

    Favorite Food: Anything Italian (pizza, pasta) Thai food and my Mom’s cooking J

    Favorite Car: Range Rover

    Favorite Word: Love

    Favorite Designer: Roberto Cavalli

    Will Kick Your Butt In: Dancing to Beyonce

    Unique Talent: Scrapbooking

    Guilty Pleasure: Watching reality t.v. shows

    Favorite Vice: Sleeping in

    Favorite Shoe: Christian Louboutin’s

    Favorite Day Outfit: Loose dress, cute sandals, a great bag, and some amazing accessories.

    Favorite Night Outfit: A simple black dress with chunky jewelry and a cute clutch with some very high heels.

    Favorite Vacation Place: Moorea, Tahiti

    Favorite Male Feature: Eyes

    Favorite Guy Gift To Her: A painting

    Describe in one word:

    • Your first crush – overwhelming
    • Your first kiss – tender
    • Your first love – unforgettable

    In 3 words or less, when was the last time you:

    · Cried: last month

    · Laughed: a minute ago

    · Rejoiced: constantly

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